Beseler Printmaker 67 VC Enlarger with Baseboard and Lens Kit (Yellow)

  • 200 day warranty
  • The  yellow 67VC Printmaker Enlarger with Lens Kit is a full-featured American made enlarger that can produce excellent enlargements from any size negative 35mm through 6x7cm.


  • The lightsource utilizes blue and green dichroic filters in an additive filtration system for better exposure of variable contrast papers. This enlarger is at home in any darkroom, but its compact size makes it a particularly good choice for use in a small darkroom, and its ease of assembly and storage are appreciated attributes in a temporary or portable darkroom. This item includes a 50mm f3.5 Beslar lens, lensboard and 35mm negative carrier.
  • Accepts 35mm, 6 x 4.5cm, 6 x 6cm, and 6 x 7cm negatives and transparencies
  • Counterbalanced elevation system
  • This enlarger is supplied with a state-of-the-art interchangeable 67VC-W lightsource with continuously variable dial-in contrast grades -0 to +5 and bright, white light focusing.
  • Its computer designed exposure control device automatically maintains a constant printing speed throughout the entire contrast range, eliminating the need to recalculate the exposure when changing the contrast.
  • Permanent, fade-free dichroic filters
  • Usable with all variable contrast or graded black and white enlarging papers
  • Diffused lightsource produces evenly illuminated image corner to corner
  • Its uniquely integrated diffusion chamber eliminates heat related problems at the film stage and it has an internally controlled power source that requires no external power regulation. (No voltage stabilizer required.)
  • The Printmaker 67VC can produce beautiful enlargements up to 11 x 14" on the baseboard and much larger prints by reversing the column and projecting onto the floor
  • The focus knob can be attached for left or right hand use. The package also includes a below-the-lens accessory holder and a calibrated column
  • The Printmaker 67VC sets the standard as "The most V-C enlarger for the least money", and is available in four different colored heads: Black, Green, Red, and Yellow.
  • Condition